Monza Autodrome Pass System


The "Monza Autodrome Pass System" is a web app developed for the "Autodromo Nazionale Monza" organization. The software is employed by the administration to manage invited media personnel authorized to be present in designated areas. Additionally, it enables registered users, validated by administrators, to reserve a spot for an event on the calendar organized by Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

The web app consists of two clients: one for administration and one for public users. In the Backoffice, the administration client allows Admin users to manage registered users by validating their registration through document verification. They can create events added to the calendar visible to public users. Lastly, administrators can handle attendance for each event by selecting users approved from those who have requested attendance.

In the client for public users, after authentication, they can manage their profiles by completing the upload of necessary documents for account validation. Upon successful validation, a public user can request access to an event listed on the calendar accessible through the web app. If there are issues with the documentation provided by the user, they will receive an email from the administration specifying the irregularities.