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CAI is an advanced desktop CRM software meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of our client, a real estate auction consultancy firm. Our task was to develop a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly handle several functions, including managing extensive customer databases, coordinating appointments, overseeing auctions, and tracking properties. Furthermore, CAI boasts specialized features for executing targeted email campaigns, complete with advanced link-click detection, and comprehensive statistical insights across all these vital components.

The project framework is strategically designed to ensure a nuanced and controlled access structure across two pivotal levels: Admin and Affiliate. The Admin level wields absolute authority, empowered to establish new branches, seamlessly connecting Affiliate users. On the other hand, the Affiliate level operates within well-defined parameters, with specialized capabilities tailored to its designated management area or branch. Navigating the software primarily involves Affiliate users who contribute to the CRM by leveraging automated file imports containing potential customer data. Their responsibilities extend to maintaining an updated database of properties slated for judicial auction. Additionally, a weekend email campaign is orchestrated, aligning individual user preferences with available auction properties. This personalized outreach, crafted based on criteria such as starting price, location, and property type, ensures that each user receives tailored updates aligned with their specific interests.

We've extended the capabilities of the customer and property management software with the introduction of a dedicated app. Customers can directly access and utilize this application, conveniently available on both the App Store and Play Store.

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