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Who we are

Zenit is a software development and design agency, specializing in user-friendly designs and modern apps and websites. Our team has the expertise to provide you with the very best in class mobile and web based solutions.

We are the legs on which your ideas walk Make it

What we do

Zenit offers you a full spectrum of IT and digital services, which makes it possible to design and develop customized solutions suited to different needs. We shape ideas, whether it’s a simple application to keep track of your favorite football team or a complex workflow system that supports hospital operations.

We make it real Easy

How we do it

At Zenit we believe that simplicity is a goal to be pursued with all our strength. Because simplicity means accessibility, therefore the possibility for everyone to do and know. For this, we put the best of our energy to build truly user friendly digital solutions.

We believe in simplicity Projects Partners Solutions


We build websites that not only look good but work seamlessly. Responsive design, smooth navigation, and powerful functionality.


Our team crafts user-friendly, high-performance mobile applications for iOS and Android, from concept to launch.


Design is about looks but about user experience too.
Our design team ensures your digital presence is not only eye-catching but also intuitive and user-friendly.


Boost your online business with our ecommerce solutions.
We create platforms that make shopping a breeze, from easy navigation to secure transactions.

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